Welcome friends! I'm so happy you stopped by. I am a artist that loves to design and make pretty things. I also collect and sell all kinds of craft patterns.

I was honored to be featured in the Jan '09 issue of American Miniaturist Magazine for my hand painted dollhouses. You can read the article here:
http://dollhouse-miniatures.blogspot.com/2009/05/getting-published-american-miniaturist.html. I also had a small article published in Tole World magazine in 1995.

You can see more details on these hand painted dollhouses here:

I taught decorative painting classes and seminars for many years to hundreds of wonderful students. I have painted wall murals for both homeowners and retail establishments.

But painting and dollhouse miniatures are not my only interest....I am a woodcutter, I love sewing, paper crafts, graphic art and crochet.

I began selling online in 1998 and have built up over 3000 positive feedback on other sites. Contact me if you would like a link to view my feedback on other sites.
I hope you find some fun things here and visit often!